Are you tired of trying to find the right healthcare solution for your UK employees
or Group Members?

Well, Munroe Sutton designed the first affordable option for your team. The Healthy Discounts Plan gives everyone access to a network of private practitioners.

We know there's no one size fits all benefit for every business or group. That's why we've developed the Healthy Discounts Plan for organisations like yours. Offering a membership programme can help improve employee satisfaction, reduce sickness absence, and workplace stress, and membership retention.

Great reasons to offer Healthy Discounts to your staff or members

No deductibles Pre-existing conditions are accepted
All employees are eligible for the programme No waiting periods or claim forms
No limitations on use No paperwork or claim forms
Unparalleled customer service Membership is good in the UK and US

The Munroe Sutton team will work with you to make sure the discount programme we provide is understood and, above all, enjoyed by everyone in your organisation or association.

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