Health Plans
Health Plans
Keep more of your premiums and help your policyholders save on healthcare

Keep more of your premiums
The Munroe Sutton Dental Network is a cost containment feature designed to reduce your claims payout.
By partnering with our network, you and your policyholders stand to save thousands of pounds!

Munroe Sutton and your cash plan
To further stretch the value of a health cash plan, our discount scheme can be embedded into a cash plan offering. With a cash plan and Healthy Discounts, you can help your policyholders take the strain off those everyday healthcare bills - things like dentists' fees and oral exams.

When you offer our discount model, you can provide savings and gain a retention tool. Our partners gain great advantages over their competition, especially when Healthy Discounts is partnered with cash plans. Their members benefit from sizable discounts and see great value in these programmes - especially when they realise the retail
cost of the programmes. A health cash plan and discount programme like this is simple to set up, and easy to use. Plus, the benefits of a cash plan are straightforward - and there are no medicals involved.

To learn more about how Munroe Sutton's Healthy Discounts Plan can help your policyholders save on their costs and help your company save on your premiums, contact us at 0808 234 3558.
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