Discount Programmes for your Employees

Company-paid discount programmes

You know all your employees are different - and so are their healthcare needs. When it comes to discount programmes, you need a company who can help you cost-effectively meet those needs.

Munroe Sutton can set up the Healthy Discounts Programme for your employees and help them afford private dental, optical and hearing products and services. It's simple, flexible and affordable, so your staff can pick the benefits they want and need and they can cover their families, too.

Whether your objective is to improve satisfaction, increase loyalty and retention or add value to your benefits package, our discount plans can help.

To find out more about the available options and how they suit your budget, call 0808 234 3558.

Employee-paid discount programmes

They pay less than you would expect, you pay nothing

We designed our membership programmes to help your employees look after themselves and stay healthy.
Healthy Discounts by Munroe Sutton can be a salary sacrifice programme your employees can access if they choose.

Our employee-paid programmes can help you recruit and retain your staff and can help with sickness absence. What's more, you don't need to worry about administering your employees' programmes, because we can take care of everything. To learn more about our employee-paid discount programmes, call 0808 234 3558.

Don't forget, our discount plans can be paid for either by you, the employer, or offered as a benefit that is paid for by your employees themselves. We also offer salary sacrifice billing options. Your employees will not experience waiting periods, and they can use the membership in the UK and US.

So, whether you want to add value to your benefits package, or recruit and retain your best people, we can help. 

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